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The Expression: An International Multidisciplinary e-Journal

ISSN: 2395-4132 (Online)| A Peer-Reviewed Journal | Impact Factor: 6.4

 Kindly direct all correspondence related to book and journal manuscript submissions at our email ID

Submission window is currently open for Vol. 9, No. 6 (December 2023 Issue) of the Expression Journal.

We are actively accepting submissions for two upcoming anthologies. These anthologies are as follows:

1. Indian Writing in English: A Critical Compendium

2. From Home to Horizon: Women Writers of Indian Diaspora

Our forthcoming anthologies are supposed be published by reputeded international publication houses such as Routledge and Springer.

For expeditious consideration and approval of your proposed writer, topic, or paper title, we encourage you to establish contact via WhatsApp (preferably) at +91-8168857428 or email

Call for Submission

Call for Submission
Dear Colleagues and Friends
We welcome professors, research scholars, poets and creative writers to contribute their original research paper to our international journal to enrich and illuminate the pages of this journal with your universal ideas, innovative thinking and fresh perspectives so that we may give you the privilege to be a part of this journal. We strive hard to publish original, unpublished work that has neither has been published nor will be sent for publication after publishing in our journal.
Double Blind Review and Publication Process
We try our utmost best to ensure quality publications. The following steps may be followed for publication:
1. After receiving the manuscript we send an acknowledgement e-mail to the author.
2. After checking the primary quality manuscripts will be checked for other issues.
3. The manuscript may be forwarded to concerned reviewers for double blind review process. The review process may take one week approximately.
4. On the basis of review report, three types of decisions are generally taken — accepted without revision, resubmit with major/minor revisions or rejected. The decision is immediately communicated to the author.
5. Once the manuscript is found suitable for publication, we send a plagiarism-cum-copyright form filling request to the author.
6. Scanned copy of copyright-cum-plagiarism filled form duly by the author should be emailed to
Important Dates
Submissions are open whole year, any day for our journal but if the manuscript is received at least 15 days from its online publication date, it may be included in that issue otherwise it will be considered for the next issue.  You may send manuscript directly at General deadlines and publication dates for our yearly six issues are as follows:
Last Date for Submission: Generally 15 Feb., 15 April, 15 June, 15 Aug., 15 Oct. & 15 Dec.
Issue Publication Date: During or after deadline.
However actual dates may vary.
How to Submit Manuscript?
Authors are requested to send abstract in 275-290 words, 7-10 keywords, full manuscript in word format mentioning ‘Manuscript for The Expression Journal’. Don’t forget writing full name, designation and affiliation just below the title of manuscript. Others who are not employees anywhere (like full/part-time writers, poets etc.), they can write their address below the title. The designation, address of residence/college or university will be published as sent by author at the time of submission.
Special Note
If paper is found plagiarized at any stage more than 33%, the paper will not be published and the person will be blocked forever for submission. If the manuscript is accepted for publication and the author also completes the publication formalities, journal reserves the right to make amendments in the final draft of the research paper to suit the journal's requirement. No grievances will be entertained thereafter.  
Submission Guidelines
Manuscripts should be sent at in word format. Please do follow the following very important points:
1. The main paper should contain the Name, Affiliation and Email address of the author. The above information should be placed in the centre under the Title of the paper. Below the title do write full name, next line designation, next line college/university, next line address of college /university with state and country. These will be published the way you send. 
2. In case the writer is not working/pursuing research in any college/university/institution; then also full address is needed and it will be published with the manuscript.
3. Please write title not more than 15 words. Should be crispy and concise as maximum as possible. Title of the paper: bold, centered.
4. Paper size: A4, Font & size: Times New Roman 12, Spacing: Single line, Margin of 1 inch on all four sides. Text of the paper: justified. Font & Size: Times New Roman 12.
5. Don’t forget to send Abstract in 275 words  and 7-10 keywords with paper. Paper length should not less than 2200 words or more than 4500 words. 
6. Do send only original manuscripts. Person concerned may be blocked forever if we find more than 33% plagiarism report.
7. Ensure that your manuscript has been properly ‘spell checked’. So many spelling and especially spacing errors are generally detected in the manuscript. If many spacing errors are discovered in manuscript, then also it may be rejected however quality material it contains.
8. The journal reserved full right to publish manuscript the way you send to us (with even gross mistakes authors many generally do). So, please send manuscripts the way you want to publish it. 
9. Don’t forget to write page no of each reference in the body of paper. Whenever you give any quotation from the novel/text do write page no i.e. (Naipaul 117). In poetry you can write page numbers but when page no of a poem is not available then write in this form (My Mother at Sixty Six, Lines 1-4)
10. References: Please follow MLA 9th Edition style-sheet strictly. Don’t use Foot Notes. Instead use End Notes. Titles of books: Italics. Titles of articles from journals and books: “quoted”. Articles should be submitted as MS Word attachments only.Please do write author’s surname then name, all titles of book in italics like The Merchant in Venice, Two Virgins, The God of Small Things etc. Do write poem titles in double inverted comma. Articles titles published in any books/journal should be written in double inverted commas. Publication year, print or web status was used in MLA 7th edition and it is not needed in MLA 9th edition.
11. The papers submitted should evince serious academic work contributing new knowledge or innovative critical perspectives on the subject explored. Each paper must be accompanied by i) A declaration that it is an original work and has not been published anywhere else nor will be sent if published in the expression journal for publication.

Indexing and Abstracting

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