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The Expression: An International Multidisciplinary e-Journal

ISSN: 2395-4132 (Online)| A Peer-Reviewed Journal | Impact Factor: 6.4

Expression Journal Volume 10, Issue 3 (May-June 2024) is open for submission.

We accept submissions for our two upcoming anthologies preferably from international publishers:

1. From Home to Horizon: Women Writers of Indian Diaspora
2. Indian English Drama: Past, Present and Future
Contact us at +91-8168857428 or through email at drsoora@gmail.com.

Impact Factor
Call for Papers: Vol. 10 Issue 3

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Late Night Poetry / Bijender Singh

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          दिलों के दरमियां / बिजेंद्र सिंह 

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Poetry for Differently Abled / Dr. Bijender Singh

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Confusing Poetry / Dr. Bijender Singh

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Editorial Address

Dr. Bijender Singh
1009, Sector 30,
Industrial Model Township,
Rohtak, Haryana-124001
Whats App: 91-8168857428
Email:  drsoora@gmail.com 

Dear Academic Fraternity      
Namaste and Greetings!
Trust you are in sound health and fine spirits.
It gives me immense pleasure to announce that we have designed The Expression: An International Bi-monthly Refereed Multidisciplinary e-Journal to publish your work the best possible way. Even the façade of our journal beautifully narrates how we fag and work hard on our manuscripts. The pealing of words of manuscripts in our every issue will mesmerize you when you will sit for the perusal of our published manuscripts. We here are committed to do swift review and rapid publication of your quality manuscripts. You can send your original paper/article to this journal before the deadline so that we may get sufficient time to review your work and ensure its publication in that particular issue.
As far as pecuniary matters are concerned, we accept donations from people around the world. Keeping in view the quality and standard, we will try to give an opportunity to research scholars and experts equally to get their work published without much financial burden on them. Only quality submissions, with no doddery pace inside the manuscripts, will be published. Do ensure Zero Plagiarism status otherwise that contributor will be blacklisted and is likely to be blocked forever for this journal. On receiving large number of manuscripts, decision of peer review committee, in accordance with the decision of the editor-in-chief, will be final and binding for rejection/selection of submitted manuscripts and the concerned author will be immediately intimated about the status of paper. 
In the penultimate paragraph of my pep talk, I would just conclude that we finalize any issue only after required to-ing and fro-ing on the manuscripts. Through this journal you can make your presence felt in the world on the international publishing platform. It is hoped that the pennant of this journal will unfurl in every country of the world irrespective of the boundary of nation, language, culture or heritage and all the manuscripts will be imbued in the technicolour template teeming with the material that of course, will meet international publishing parameters.
Always humanly,
Dr. Bijender Singh
B.A. (English), M.A. English  (India), M.Phil. English (India),  Ph.D.  (USA), 2nd PhD (India), D. Litt. (hc, Brazil), "Doctor of Humanity", hc, (USA),  UGC-NET, Uttrakhand-SET,  Gujarat SET, Maharashtra and Goa SET, Himachal Pradesh SET, Haryana TET Shastri, Arts & Crafts Teacher, MPHW (Male)
Whats App 91-8168857428 Email: drsoora@gmail.com & editor@expressionjournal.com
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/bijendersingh.author
Amazon India Link for Dr. Bijender Singh's Books:
The Library of Congress, Washington DC, USA Link for Dr. Bijender Singh's Books:
Stanford University, USA Link for Dr. Bijender Singh's Books:
The University of Illinois, USA Link for Dr. Bijender Singh's Books: 
The University of Minnesota, USA Link for Dr. Bijender Singh's Books:
The University of Chicago, USA Link for Dr. Bijender Singh's Books:
Columbia University, USA Link for Dr. Bijender Singh's Books:
Central Library Zurich, Switzerland Link for Dr. Bijender Singh's Books
British Library, UK Link for Dr. Bijender Singh's Books:
Oxford University, UK Link of Dr. Bijender Singh's Books:
University of Pennsilvania Library Link for Dr. Bijender Singh's Books:

Dr. Bijender Singh is the Writer/Editor of the Following Books: 

1. Late Night Poetry ISBN: 978-81-8253-447-6 

2. Confusing Poetry ISBN: 978-81-8253-451-3

3. (ed.) Love: A Sweet Poison ISBN 978-93-85137-03-7 

4. (ed.) Gender Discourse in Indian Writings in English ISBN: 978-81-9075-136-0 

5. (ed.) Indian Writing in English: Critical Insights ISBN: 978-81-7273-914-0 

6. (ed.) Indian Dalit Literature: Critical Ruminations ISBN 978-81-7273-965-2 

7. (ed.) Critical Essays on Indian Diaspora ISBN 978-81-7273-966-9

8. (ed.) Indian Dalit Autobiographies: Marginalized Voices ISBN 978-93-5207-0169 

9. (ed.) Indian Women Novels: Feminist Reverberations. ISBN 978-93-83192-94-6

10. (ed.) Dalit Women's Autobiographies: A Critical Appraisal. 978-93-5128-200-6

11. Female Protagonists in Shashi Deshpande's Novels. ISBN 978-93-86242-10-6

12. (ed.) Race and Ethnicity: Afro-American Literature. ISBN 978-93-86242-17-4

13. (ed.) Dalit Men's Autobiographies: A Critical Appraisal. ISBN 978-93-5128-240-2

14. (ed.) Diaspora, Women and the Margialized: Literary Perspectives ISBN. 978-93-86655-51-6

15. (ed.) English Language Teaching: Innovations and Practices. ISBN 978-81-8435-576-5

16. (ed.) V.S. Naipaul: A Critical Evaluation. ISBN: 978-93-86655-56-1

17. (ed.) Comparative Literature: A Global Perspective ISBN 978-93-86655-60-8

18. (ed.) Dalit Literature: Journey from Repression to Resistance. ISBN: 978-93-5324-052-3

19. (ed.) Different Dimensions of Dalit Discourse ISBN: 978-81-269-3012-8

20. Dilon Ke Darmiyan ISBN: 978-93-8728-189-9

21. (ed.) Paradigms of Marginality: A Critical Assessment. ISBN: 978-93-5324-086-8

22. (ed.) Marginal Voices in English Literature. ISBN: 978-93-88536-40-1

23. (ed.) Mapping Marginalization: Negotiating the Nexus of Exclusion. ISBN: 978-93-88536-48-6

24. (ed). Thematic Concerns in English Literature: Text and Context. ISBN: 978-81-946060-1-7 

25. (ed.) World Literature: Emerging Trends, Texts and Theories. ISBN: 978-93-88361-42-2

26. Poetry for Differently Abled. ISBN: 979-1-64983-412-6 

27.  V.S. Naipaul's Novels: A Critical Study. ISBN: 978-16-3606-062-0

28. (ed.) Dalit Women's Autobiographies: Convergences and Divergences ISBN: 978-93-5324-616-7 

29. (ed.) Dalit Men's Autobiographies: Convergences and Divergences. ISBN: 978-93-5324-634-1

30. (ed.) Dalit Literature: Recent Responses and Ruminations. ISBN: 978-93-5324-637-2

31. (ed.) Centring the Margins: Essays on Dalit Literature. ISBN: 978-81-953639-4-0

32.  (ed.) South Asian Diaspora: Writers and Works. ISBN: 978-93-92189-10-4

33. (ed.) Indian Writing in English: Insights, Interpretations and Illustrations. ISBN: 978-93-92459-04-7

34. (ed.). Amitav Ghosh: A Critical Spectrum. ISBN: 978-93-92459-11-5
35. (ed.). World Literature: Words of Wisdom. ISBN: 978-93-92459-07-8  
36. (ed.). World Literature: A Critical Compendium. ISBN: 978-93-92459-56-6.
37.  (ed.) English Literture in Digita Era. ISBN: 978-93-883861-68-2.
38.  (ed.) Writers of Indian Diaspora: Critical Essays. Publishing from UK in August-September 2024
39. (ed.) Writers of Indian Diaspora. Publishing from Atlantic Publishers in Septemeber-October 2024.
40. (ed.) Indian English Drama: Myths, Motifs and Metaphors.  Publishing from International Publishers in 2025. Submissions Closed.
41. (ed.) Indian English Drama: Past, Present and Future.  Publishing from International Publishers in 2025. Submissions Closed.
42.  (ed.) Woemen Writers of Indian Diaspora. Publishing from International Publishers in 2025. (Submissions Open)
43. (ed.) Contemporary Indian English Drama.  Publishing from Atlantic Publishers in 2025. (Submissions Open)


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    Submissions are open for Vol. 10 Issue 1 (February 2023 Issue) of the Expression Journal.

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    Those people who want to remain the member of editorial, advisory or reviewers' board of this journal, they must be in touch with the editor and they have to pay membership fee annually/as per plan, failing which their names may be deleted from the list.

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    Urgent Atttention
    We are not accepting online submissions. Please don't email at editor@expressionjournal.com as it is also deliberately unfunctional due to some unavaiodable reasons. Please send all manuscripts only at drsoora@gmail.com

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Impact Factor: 6.4

ISSN 2395-4132

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Dr. Bijender Singh
440, Sector 5, Rohtak, Haryana-124001
Rohtak, Haryana 
Email: drsoora@gmail.com 


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