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The Expression: An International Multidisciplinary e-Journal

ISSN: 2395-4132 (Online)| A Peer-Reviewed Journal | Impact Factor: 6.4

Expression Journal Volume 10, Issue 3 (May-June 2024) is open for submission.

We accept submissions for our two upcoming anthologies preferably from international publishers:

1. From Home to Horizon: Women Writers of Indian Diaspora
2. Indian English Drama: Past, Present and Future
Contact us at +91-8168857428 or through email at

Impact Factor
Call for Papers: Vol. 10 Issue 3

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Late Night Poetry / Bijender Singh

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          दिलों के दरमियां / बिजेंद्र सिंह 

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Poetry for Differently Abled / Dr. Bijender Singh

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Confusing Poetry / Dr. Bijender Singh

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Editorial Address

Dr. Bijender Singh
1009, Sector 30,
Industrial Model Township,
Rohtak, Haryana-124001
Whats App: 91-8168857428

How to Prepare Paper for the Expression Journal/Books

Please send your article/paper in 2500-3500 words with:

1. Abstract in 270-300 words, Keyword: 7-10. (For book submissions abstract and keywords are not required)

2. Paper must be Original (Free from plagiarism, up to 10% Similarity index is alllowed)

3. Works Cited entries must be in the body of paper with proper page number e.g. (Singh 34) 

4. Paper must be followed by Works Cited

5. All the Works Cited entries must be in the body of paper with proper page number in proper in-text citation format such as (Naipaul 101), (Roy 235), etc.

6. MLA 9th edition must be followed. Examples of MLA 9th edition:

i) For book:

Beauvoir, Simon de. The Second Sex. Vintage Books, 1997.       

Lahiri, Jumpa. The Namesake. HarperCollins, 2003.

Rushdie, Salman. Imaginary Homelands. Granta Books, 1991.

ii)  Paper in a book:

Lyer, N. Sharda. “Interpreter of Maladies: A Voice across the Sea.” Musing on Indian Writing in English Fiction. Sarup & Sons, 2003, pp. 155-162.

Sarangi, Jaydeep. “The Enigma of Cultural Multiplicity: A Study of Interpreter of Maladies.” Jhumpa Lahiri, the Master Story Teller: A Critical Response to Interpreter of Maladies. Edited by Suman Bala. Khosla Publishing House, 2002.

Rajan S. Dheva. “From Alienation to Assimilation: A Diasporic Study of Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Namesake.” South Asian Diaspora: Writers and Works. Edited by Dr S. Chelliah & Dr Bijender Singh. Perception Publishing House, 2021, pp. 79-86.

iii) Paper in a journal:

Yadav, Ashu. “Diasporic Concerns in Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Namesake.” IJELLH, vol. 5, no. 8, August 2017, pp. 379-408.

Rampolla, Mary. “Human Dignity in Steinbeck’s Critique of Capitalism.” The Journal of Ethics, vol. 21, no. 2, 2017, pp. 111-124.

Rosner, Victoria. “Home Fires: Doris Lessing, Colonial Architecture, and the Reproduction of Mothering.” Tulsa Studies in Women’s Literature, vol. 18, no. 1, 1999, pp. 59-89.




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    Journal Submission
    Submissions are open for Vol. 10 Issue 1 (February 2023 Issue) of the Expression Journal.

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    Those people who want to remain the member of editorial, advisory or reviewers' board of this journal, they must be in touch with the editor and they have to pay membership fee annually/as per plan, failing which their names may be deleted from the list.

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    Urgent Atttention
    We are not accepting online submissions. Please don't email at as it is also deliberately unfunctional due to some unavaiodable reasons. Please send all manuscripts only at

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Impact Factor: 6.4

ISSN 2395-4132

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Publication Address

Dr. Bijender Singh
440, Sector 5, Rohtak, Haryana-124001
Rohtak, Haryana 


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